Premier Bath & Kitchen Resurfacing can dramatically update your bathroom at prices that will keep your project on budget. Any type of tub, shower or ceramic tile can be reglazed to save the mess and expense of tear-out. Most jobs are done in less than a day, saving time, money and frustration.

Premier specializes in reglazing existing bathtubs of all types - cast iron, steel, fiberglass (including surrounds) and acrylic. With a guarantee of seven years, a non-slip surface, and no need to tear out your existing tub and surrounding walls, reglazing is an effective alternative to replacement.

Reglazing also can be applied to ceramic tile in any color. This effective process eliminates the need to tear out existing tile and can be accomplished with significant savings.

Many of our customers use our service to change the color of their bathtub. Others reglaze their tub because the original finish has worn away. Worn tubs are hard to keep clean because the original protective coating has eroded and the pores have become exposed. Thus dirt and grime seeps into the pores and is difficult to clean. In addition, all the effort you put into cleaning the tub only makes the problem worse by further destroying the protective coating.

The key to our process is the preparation and the coating. Drop cloths are laid from front door to bathroom. After protecting surrounding areas with tarps, tapes, and plastic film, we remove any caulk.

Fiberglass and acrylic tubs are hand sanded to achieve a dulled surface so our coating will have something to “grab on to.” Any significant chips are filled and a permanent anti-slip surface is applied to the floor. We pay special attention to the drain area. Our procedure is to “treat and seal” drains (known as the shoe) instead of removing, to prevent peeling. Removing/re-installing the shoe to refinish your tub can cause leaks or damage plumbing and your new finish. A spray booth is built around the tub. Our powerful exhaust system with 50-foot hose is set up. We ensure a long life with our special adhesion bonding agent. We then spray on numerous coats of Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane, not epoxy. This is the premier coating in the industry. The hardening and adhesive agent in our coatings is similar to that found in “Superglue.” Our spraying system provides a smooth, even finish that will transform and rejuvenate your bathtub to the color of your choice in a few hours. White is our standard color, but countless optional colors are available by special order.

Good for Your Health and Budget
With this product Premier is using a healthier product and keeping home materials out of landfills. Resurfacing is a healthier redecorating choice than tub-liners. If the caulk seals on liners break, they can harbor moisture, bacteria and mold.

Premier usually does a resurfacing project in less than one day. With resurfacing, you don't need multiple contractors. If you want to make your tub look like new, you won't need to hire a plumber, a tile setter, or a general contractor. In this economy, it is an excellent option for improving the value of a home.



Safety, access, and peace of mind. This describes the CLEAN CUT TUB DOOR SYSTEM. Premier Bath and Kitchen now offers an affordable, safe door on your existing tub. No tear out, mess, and huge expense. If you or a loved one has a need this is the answer. And this door can be in place in one day. Many families struggle to make difficult decisions for family members to stay in their own homes. The CLEAN CUT Door Tub System gives your family member an alternative.

The Clean Cut
The Clean Cut

The Clean Cut can be cut out of any type of existing tub. Cast iron, fiberglass, and steel tubs are easily done in just one day!

Heavy duty stainless steel construction grab bars with 300 pound capacity are also available. Each bar has a textured finish which aids in gripping. We adapt the bathroom to meet the needs of any user.

The Clean Cut is another alternative for you or a family member. This system is very affordable and uses your existing tub. When access is the most important thing, this system takes the step over into the tub away. This system can be installed in one day.

Introducing the NEW Inlay Shower and Tub repair mat. If your shower base is cracked or your tub is leaking through a crack, Premier Resurfacing can fix it in ONE day! One DAY to install and fix that cracked shower base or leaking tub. No tear out, no mess! Save money, time and mess.

Heavy Duty stainless steel construction Grab Bars with 300 pounds capacity are also available. Each bar has a textured finish which aids in gripping. We adapt your bathroom to meet the needs of each individual customer. Grab Bars


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