Ceramic Tile Reglazing

Premier’s process for reglazing tile provides a very cost effective, high quality alternative to replacement. Re-tiling a bathroom can cost thousands of dollars. The cost for us to reglaze your bathroom tile is a fraction of replacement

The key to our process is the preparation and the coating. After protecting surrounding areas with tarps, tapes, and plastic film, the tile is cleaned with industrial cleaners. Next, we do minor grout touch-up. Then, a unique adhesion promoter is applied. We then apply numerous coats of Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane, not epoxy. This is the premier coating in the industry and a proven process. The hardening and adhesive agent in our coatings is similar to that found in “Superglue”. Our spraying system provides a smooth, even finish that will transform your bathroom overnight to the color of your choice. White is our standard color, and countless optional colors are available by special order.