Premier Bath & Kitchen Resurfacing can resurface your countertops! Without the extensive process of removing your existing countertop and tearing up a kitchen, countertops can be resurfaced in our multi-colored product called "Synthetic Stone."

Premier’s process for resurfacing/recoloring countertops provides a very cost-effective, high quality alternative to replacement. We can perform a makeover on your home and accomplish three important goals: 1) increase the value of your home; 2) increases the salability or the owner satisfaction of your home; and 3) save you up to 70% of traditional remodeling costs.

The vast majority of people do not replace their countertops because they are worn out, but rather because they don’t like the color. At Premier, we are able to resurface your existing countertops with a coating of Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane, not epoxy. This is the premier coating in the industry and a proven process made specifically for countertops, not a wall covering conversion. Our Synthetic Stone coatings offer a reasonably priced alternative to countertop replacement. Our spraying system will transform your countertop in one day. Prices range from $700 to $1000.

Our preparation assures your home is left clean, free of dust and overspray.

The ADVANTAGES OF PREMIER BATH & KITCHEN RESURFACING is a significant savings over replacement. and there is no messy tear-out. Your tile backsplash will not be damaged and the backsplash can even match your countertop. We are done in 1 - 2 days. And we offer a 7 year transferable guarantee against peeling.

Almond Crust Charcoal Silverstone
Clay Beach Sand Goldmine
Granite Galena Sandstone
Landslide Fieldstone Telluride
Desert Bone Cliff White Vein
*These swatches are representational only. For accurate color, please visit our showroom.